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Logging Into Moodle

by Juliet Hatmaker -

In order to login to Moodle, click the 'Moodle Login Page' link located underneath the manual login form from Moodle's homepage; this will take you to main login page. If you're already on the main login page, you might not see this link, you are already in the right place. Scroll down and click the 'OpenID Connect' button and as long as you are logged into your student email on the same browser you're using Moodle in this should log you in. Unless you are told otherwise, you will not be able to use the manual login form as it is not configured for regular student use.

Please note that your courses will not be visible until the start date of the course or shortly before, so if you don't see your classes yet that is normal. If you don't see classes you know have started and that you should be enrolled in, please contact your advisor or professor.

If you're a new student and Moodle isn't working, please be sure you've previously logged into your email at least one time before attempting a Moodle login.

If you are not a new student, or have successfully logged into your email in the browser you're using, and Moodle will still not let you log in, please call 910-277-5016 or email me at during the university's operating hours and I will assist you with logging in.